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Thecuesito video is circulating everywhere on social media specially on Twitter.Online users wanted to get more and more details about the trending video. 

Our second update is also on the Trending video, which has gotten a lot of attention since its release and is currently getting people interested. They are interested in the video for the simple reason that it contains material. 

Thecuesito/ Yoly lazo Twitter Trending Video 

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During her 14 years as a chef, Puerto Rican Yoly Lazo has been responsible for adding Puerto Rican flavors at Walt Disney World, preparing popular desserts like quesito and flancocho, as well as the famous coquito season at Christmas. 

In Orlando, we have mostly Puerto Ricans, and many of them, when they visit us in the parks, are happy to be in a place as big as Disney, where there are no Latinos, and there is Puerto Rican food,” she said. 

Lazo studied electronics at the University of Puerto Rico’s Humacao campus before moving to Orlando in 1994. Although he was on vacation in central Florida, he never returned to Puerto Rico after getting a job as a dishwasher at Disney.

But her career at the company took off after a chef asked her if she wanted to learn how to cook.She started out making pizza, then became a chef and then a pastry chef, which took her to represent the company in countries such as Japan and China. 

Her work at Walt Disney World also included Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and Epcot theme parks, where she transformed all of the restaurant’s desserts.

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