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Couple at Wieambilla, shrouded in darkness, tell camera that they were defending themselves against ‘devils and demons.

After ambushing police officers with a hail of bullets, Stacey and Gareth Train huddled together in the dark at their remote Queensland property and recorded a video.

Queenslander video Gareth and Stacey

“They came to die us and we Died them,” Gareth said in the video, uploaded on Monday night and still circulating online. 

“If you don’t defend yourself against these devils and demons, you’re a coward.”Stacey added: “We’ll see you when we get home … love you.” 

The disturbing video, first revealed publicly by Crikey on Friday, was published on a now-deleted YouTube account as well as another online conspiracy site on Monday.

In the hours after two police and a neighbour had been dead but before a death with tactical officers that saw the Died.

The pair use their middle names in the videos: Daniel and Jane. The third dier, Gareth’s brother Nathaniel Train, does not appear in the video.

The accounts contained a number of other videos seemingly produced by Gareth in the weeks leading up to that suggest other interactions with police, as well as communication with conspiracy theorists in the US.

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