Bia Miranda Video on Twitter – Bia Miranda causes uproar and divides the web

Bia Miranda video is trending on Twitter end TikTok and her fans are eager to watch the controversial video. We will explain Bia Miranda trending video and all the details.

Bia Miranda video trending on Twitter

After publishing controversial video, Bia Miranda causes uproar and divides the web: “Do you think that when you get rich you can do anything”

The runner-up of A Fazenda 14 ended up giving internet users something to talk about after sharing the video with her followers.

Bia Miranda continues to be talked about since she became runner-up in A Fazenda 14, losing the millionaire prize to Bárbara Borges . Gretchen’s granddaughter, in addition to having gained millions of followers, ended up attracting some haters after leaving the rural reality show.

However, during the early hours of today, Sunday 15, the famous star ended up dividing opinions among Internet users by sharing a sequence of videos in her stories. In the images, it is possible to see the ex-confined woman with a drink and, moments later, driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

And now, Bia Miranda has an inappropriate video with Gabriel leaked on the internet and generates controversy.

Bia Miranda and Gabriel

See how people are reacting to Bia Miranda leaked video:


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