Brittany Hightower’s Cause of Death: A 22-Year-Old Member of the Sickle Cell Community

Brittany Hightower’s Cause of Death: A Member of the Sickle Cell Community Passes Away At Age 22. It is heartbreaking to learn that Brittany Hightower, a cherished member of The Sickle Cell Community, has died unexpectedly. The sources claim that Brittany passed away on January 1, 2023, following a protracted struggle with sickle cells. According to some sources, Brittany followed her mother into the afterlife only a few days after her untimely death. Since the news of her passing made public, many people, including her friends and relatives, have paid respect to her and sent their sympathies to her grieving family. To learn more about her tragic passing, continue reading. Follow our website, Newztunnel for the latest updates!!!!!

According to the sources, Brittany Hightower had sickle cell illness for a very long period. Despite obtaining proper treatment, she could not recover from this fatal condition. Brittany’s family and friends are using Facebook to pay respect to her and attempt to learn more about her. According to one of the Facebook posts, I’m just learning about Brittany Hightower’s passing. She was a stunning young mother who recently passed away and had sickle cell anaemia. This video is upsetting and unsettling. You might cry at the medical misogyny this woman had to endure. This published a while ago. Before her passing away, however, she still received unfair treatment from the medical system.

What Happened To Brittany Hightower?

The sources claim that on December 24, 2022, Brittany Hightower taken to the hospital in Houston due to gastrointestinal discomfort. According to reports, she diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and put in an isolation facility by coronavirus regulations. She allegedly suffered some verbal harassment from hospital workers and physically beaten by a police officer, according to the reports. On social media, video evidence of verbal abuse directed at the patient while she hospitalized posted.

Social media is currently attempting to ascertain what truly transpired with Brittany Hightower. As her family members are not in a position to speak to anyone about Brittany, there isn’t much information available regarding her private life. Our Sincere Condolences to the Family & Friends of Brittany Hightower, a Sickle Cell Warrior, We heard the news that Brittany Hightower passed only days after losing her mother.


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