Cohasset Basketball Punch viral Video – Cohasset Basketball Punch Video twitter

Cohasset Basketball Punch Video

A high school basketball player allegedly sucker punched a referee during a game in what was described by authorities as a “vicious attack.

The 16-year-old athlete at Excel High School in South Boston had been playing in a game in Cohasset,

Mass., on Wednesday when he reportedly pounced on the ref, causing the game to be immediately cancelled,Our officials work to create an environment for competition that is fair and unbiased.

Cohasset Basketball Punch Video twitter

Their professional efforts are to the best of their ability and exercised with experience and understanding of the rules of the game. Officials must be treated with respect at all times.

The ups and downs of competition need to be appreciated for what they are, an opportunity to learn life lessons through sport,” MIAA officials wrote.

Cohasset Basketball Punch viral Video

The referee involved did not require medical attention.”He was not transported to the hospital. And again, the detectives are still talking to people.

An unfortunate incident, but at the end of the day, everyone will be OK,” Quigley said.In a statement issued Thursday, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association said it was offering assistance to both schools.

The game was immediately canceled and the Cohasset High gym was cleared.”The involved student could face disciplinary action in accordance with the (Boston Public Schools) Code of Conduct.

Cohasset Basketball Punch Video full

An investigation into this incident is ongoing, and additional disciplinary action from law enforcement is possible,” John wrote.

The referee) was punched in the face. It is on video. We are holding the video,” Cohasset police Chief William Quigley said.

The initial investigation indicates that a 17-year-old player from Excel High School punched a referee in the face during the game, Cohasset police said.

Cohasset Basketball Punch Video reddit

An Excel Boys Basketball Team member engaged in a physical altercation with a referee during a game against Cohasset,” Excel Head of School Jerleen John wrote in a letter to the school community.

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