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Chris arrested, Gabby interviews after posting graphic assault videoLove During Lockup inmate Christopher Walker is back in jail in New York. Chris was arrested on Tuesday, less than a week after his ex, Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves, posted a graphic video on TikTok in which Chris could be seen violently grabbing Gabby and punching her in the face.

love after lockup reddit gabby

The video was recorded in Gabby’s living room and only lasts for a few seconds. The TikTok video also included photos of Gabby with a chipped tooth and wearing a neck brace while being treated by paramedics. “A phase I recommend skipping,” Gabby wrote over top of the video.

gabby from love after lockup instagram

gabby from love after lockup instagram

Some of Chris’s friends and family came to his defense online with claims that Gabby was actually the aggressor in the altercation and that the additional recorded footage would show that.

Gabby later shared some of the additional footage on Instagram, which was just more of Chris attacking her. “This is where I gave up on living!!” she wrote. “ASK ME WHAT IS A JOKE YOU F***ING BOZO,” she added in all caps.

gabby love after lockup assault video youtube

Multiple YouTubers reported on the videos posted by Gabby, and Chris’s defenders showed up in the comments.

His sister Essence, who was featured multiple times on Love During Lockup, was the most vocal. She even made claims that Gabby has an arrest history of her own.

love after lockup tiktok gabby

Gabby has an open case right now for fighting a police officer disorderly conduct is her specialty. She’s a wildcat,” Essence wrote in the comments of one of the YouTube videos.

She’s crazy. She edited the video because she doesn’t want anyone to hear what’s being said. Think people, think. She’s bullsh***ing. She wants money and she wants Chris.

love after lockup reddit gabby trending

Essence also claims that Gabby had a knife and attempted to stab Chris prior to the punches shown in the videos. “She tried to stab him like she did her ex boyfriend prior to this,” Essence wrote. “Right before this actually.

She won’t post that video. She does this to everyone who leaves her. She did it to her last boyfriend. Chris has a whole girlfriend Gabby knows about. THAT’S why she attacked him and is trying to hurt his character. 

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