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Watch Georgina Njenga Leaked Video Reddit and Twitter, Telegram ‘Famed Kenyan actor Tailembaya, better known as Baja, has parted ways with his beautiful girlfriend Georgina Njanga.

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The young celebrity couple split months after welcoming their happy duo known as Astra Nyambura.According to reports, Georgina recently announced via her Instagram post that they are no longer with her boyfriend due to unresolved issues.

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In a local context, were used to the fact that many celebrities vie for power when they have big things to do. Some people have mastered the art of finding influence. And this is the only reason why most netizens question Georgina Njengas view of breaking up.

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Georgina shared the latter and deleted it moments later raising more questions about whether this was more than just an over-the-top misunderstanding.The two lovers have been together for over 2 years now. Despite the firstborn, they thrived throughout their relationship.

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Why stop now? Judging by how Tyler Mbaya ended up, things seemed cool because he didnt have any feelings for the latter. Your photo will remain on their social media.

They still follow each other.Famed Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his popular girlfriend Georgina Njenga got tattoos on their one-month-old daughter Astra over the weekend in honor of her.

The two have been in love for 2 years and unexpectedly became pregnant with a daughter. The two are clearly in love, which impressed netizens deeply.

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Before Georgina even considered pregnancy, the lovebirds flaunted couple goals in the early stages of their relationship, and it was flawless and nothing seemed to stop them from expressing how much they (still) loved each other. Plus a little girl is a boon to them.

Not only are they content creators, they are also first-time parents. Despite their young age and little experience, they have shown that they are willing and able to walk the path of parenthood.

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They unceremoniously confide in her (Astra Nyabra) as they announce the newborns arrival. Both Tyler Mbaya and Georgina now have permanent marks on their bodies in honor of their firstborn son. Watch full videoπŸ‘‡


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