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There are countless things to look forward to in the new year 2023, especially, when it comes to entertainment. 2022 was a year with lots of development within the online entertainment industry, so of course it is expected to be quite interesting this year. Let’s explain why and get you inspired and educated about entertainment in 2023.

The gaming experience in 2023

A lot has happened with the gaming industry in 2022, and it is expected that more Virtual Reality (VR) applications will become available in 2023. VR offers a gaming experience beyond anything else. It is possible to play VR games on different consoles, but do you know that online casinos are also offering this experience? So, be ready to maybe bump into online casion games that are based on VR technology. Not every casino on the internet is offering it, but it may become more accessible

Lots of new streaming coming your way

In 2023, there will be great movies premiering and new and returning TV shows coming out. For must-see movies, you can look forward to movies like ‘Creed III,’ which will premiere in March. In June we can once again get involved in Indiana Jones’s adventures, in the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,’ with Harrison Ford starring of course. There are other major movies to keep an eye out for as well:

Scream 6

·  65

·  John Wick: Chapter 4

·  Renfield

·  Evil Dead Rise

·  Fast X

·  The Little Mermaid 

TV shows coming in 2023

Most streamers are guilty of binge-watching a lot of TV series. If you feel like you have watched everything of personal interest, you can look forward to some new content. In 2023, the TV show ‘The Last of Us’ will be taking place in a post-apocalyptic time. This TV show premieres in January. Other TV shows to check out are ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ and ‘Poker Face.’ For more inspiration, check out these 2023 TV shows:

·  Your Honor season 2

·  Servant  season 4

·  Vikings Valhalla season 2

·  Shrinking

·  The Traitors

·  Velma

·  Wolfpack

Learning can be fun and entertaining

Entertainment can be defined in many ways, but the internet can also be used for learning new skills, and not just for games and streaming. You should look into finding other areas of entertainment and learning such as doing digital art, drawing, or music. 

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