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Girl with trout video

Tasmania Police are warning the public that anyone found possessing or distributing the video which shows a couple performing a live sex act with a fish in Tasmania could face criminal charges.

The video in question depicts a man and woman engaging in the act on a boat, with the man using a live trout to perform a sex act on the woman.The couple’s behavior has been widely condemned on social media, with many expressing disgust at their actions.

In addition to the video involving the fish, police are also investigating another video that surfaced on social media showing the same couple engaging in sexual activity on the grave of a renowned Australian artist.

Girl with trout video

The grave, located at St Mark’s Anglican Cemetery in Cressy near Launceston, belongs to David Hammond Chapman, a painter known for his landscape work.

Tasmania Police have confirmed that they are aware of both videos and are following a specific line of enquiry. 

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