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Iso Omena vertijat video

The Iso Omena (Big Apple) Library is reopened in new premises in August 2016 in The Iso Omena shopping centre.

In this large building it is hard to find the library if you do not know that it is one of the participants in the so called Iso Omena Service Centre Palvelutori.

The library and its premises are integrated with many others like health care for adults and children, youth activities and citizen service. This is the new concept of the city of Espoo.

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There are spacious areas with different kinds of seating and working places. In spite of open areas the acoustic is quite good and the whole library seems to be a cosy and a functional waiting and living room for all kinds of users.

Clearly it is a popular meeting place for young people and students. There are a lot of medias in different languages. The maker space area is especially well equipped.

The opening hours are very generous from 7 am to 9 pm during working days, shorter on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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