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Watch Angela Aguilar Fotos Video

Watch Angela Aguilar And Gussy Lau Kissing Photos And Video Leaked Online Go ViralLeaked photos of Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau making out have gone viral on Reddit and Twitter.

Another day, another celebrity having her intimate moments being leaked and emerge on the internet.

Its Angela Aguilar who has become the victim this time around with the 18 year old having her pictures making out with her boyfriend being spread on the internet.

While the pictures were enough to get mouths running, what really got people talking and made Angela go viral was the fact that she was dating Gussy Lau who is 15 years older than her.

Angela Aguilar video

The two are said to be dating for quite some time with the Mexican singer since releasing a video as well where she asked people to mantain her privacy.

Lau is said to be the composer René Humberto Lau Ibarra, known in the industry as “Gussy Lau” who already has an important career in the field of recorded music.

Qué pasó con Ángela Aguilar; Gussy Lau, su novio, la defraudó?La hija de Pepe Aguilar se encuentra en el ojo del huracán luego de que se filtrarán unas fotos en las que se dio a conocer su relación con un hombre 15 años mayor que ella.

Gussy has gone onto win a string of accolades over the years owing to his work with him also managing to snag the 18 year old singer despite the mammoth age difference between the two.

Ángela Aguilar habla por primera vez tras filtración de fotos con Gussy LauLa cantante Ángela Aguilar habla sobre la filtración de sus fotos con Gussy Lau su presunto novio o ex ya.

Angela Aguilar twitter video

Gussy Lau, ¿realmente es el novio de Ángela Aguilar?Ángela Aguilar ha dado de qué hablar luego de que se hicieran públicas unas fotografías en las que aparece junto al compositor Gussy Lau.

Ángela Aguilar siempre ha tratado de mantener los detalles de su vida privada alejados de los reflectores, es especial cuando se trata de sus relaciones amorosas.

Pero esto no evitó que se filtraran fotografías de ella junto a un joven que sería su nuevo novio ¿De quién se trata? 

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