Adriana Kuch Bayville New Jersey Fight Video – Adriana Kuch Viral Video on Reddit

Adriana Kuch Bayville New Jersey Fight Video

New Jersey student ends her life after months of bullying, video of school hallway beating circulates onlineA 14-year-old girl from New Jersey ended her life after a disturbing video of girls viciously beating her up in the high school’s hallway circulated online.

Now, her distraught father is promising to remember her legacy by bringing awareness of a broken school system he says overlooked extensive school bullying.

Adriana Kuch, a student at Central Regional High School, was found dead on Feb. 3 at her home two days after the shocking video surfaced.Adriana Kuch is remembered as “a beautiful girl who was happy, funny, stubborn, and strong.

Adriana Kuch Viral Video on Reddit

The disturbing video shows Adriana and her boyfriend walking down the hallway of the local public high school when a student walks up and starts walloping her in the face with a water bottle.

Adriana falls to the ground, where she is repeatedly kicked and punched by a group of students. Cheering is heard from the student who took the shocking video.

About 30 seconds into the attack, two school workers interrupted the ambush. Following the attack on Feb.1, Adriana sustained severe bruising on her legs and face.

Michael Kush, Adriana’s father, was shocked after hearing about the bullying incident. He told Fox News Digital that he took his 14-year-old teen to the local police station to file a report about the incident.

The Berkeley Township Police Department did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.The father also said his daughter showed him videos of people taunting her and threatening her on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat following the attack.

Adriana reportedly faced months of bullying from fellow classmates at the local high school. 

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