blackout challenge tiktok video – Tiktok, the ‘Blackout Challenge’ and Section 230 in US law

blackout challenge tiktok viral video

Lawsuits, mostly by parents of children who died due to the “Blackout Challenge”, have alleged that among other things, the app’s algorithm promotes harmful content, allows underage users, and fails to warn users or their guardians of TikTok’s addictive nature.

In November this year, a Bloomberg Businessweek report linked at least 15 deaths in children aged 12 and under to the Challenge in the past 18 months, and another five deaths in children aged 13 and 14.As deaths and accidents have continued, a number of lawsuits have emerged against TikTok, the social media platform on which the Challenge went viral.

As TikTok continues to face criticism over the dangerous Blackout Challenge, a look at what has happened so far and what the future looks like for dangerous social media trends such as these.

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