paul murdaugh snapchat video


paul murdaugh snapchat video

paul murdaugh snapchat video

Snapchat video from Paul Murdaugh presented as evidence in Murdaugh murder trialDay nine in the trial of Alex Murdaugh started with a Snapchat video taken by his son, Paul, the night of the murders.“Is that video, the video we just discussed, that was part of the Snapchat search warrant return?

A Snapchat employee confirmed video of Murdaugh was taken by his son just over an hour before he was killed.

The jury was dismissed for a hearing on financial crimes, before being met with more discussion of Alex’s phone records in the afternoon.

“On June 7, I only saw two FaceTime calls on the phone extraction and I saw a series of around 73 phone calls on the Verizon detail record,” said Dylan Hightower, an investigator with the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

The investigator did a brief search of Murdaugh’s phone, which he says showed starkly different results than the cell company’s data.

In the defense’s questioning of the same witness, they focused on a briefing held by law enforcement agents the morning after the murders

“So, somebody, even two people or one person with two guns, was at large at that point as far as y’all were concerned,” said defense attorney Dick Harpootlian.

Yes sir, I mean ideally.”“Ok. Did any of those agents indicate during your briefing that they felt there was somebody at large that posed a danger to the community? Did you hear any of that?”

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