Safia Yusuf leaked video goes viral on Twitter

In this article, we are going to discuss about a news which is getting viral on all over the web. The famous actress Safia Yusuf is trending on the internet. Here, we will discuss who is Safia Yusuf and why she is trending on Twitter. To know all about the above questions stay with us till the end.

In the year 2020, her n*de photos got leaked on the social media. And it was getting viral rapidly. It was tough time and most depressing period of her life.

Actually, she was telling about her experience when her n*de video got leaked on social media and she was facing criticism. She said, "It was the most depressing period of my life, because for three months I did not go near the door of my house, I stayed at home, and when I found the energy to go out, people harassed me on the street and one person even stoned me."

Due to her leaked video, she has lost her role in the series.

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