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Aida Victoria Merlano is a trend on social networks once again. Once again, a sexual video leaked on social networks and of which the influencer is pointed out as the protagonist has given something to talk about. 

The video in question has been spreading on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit and even WhatsApp, pointing out that it is a " s*x video of Aida Victoria Merlano ". What is seen in the recording is a woman having relations with another. One of them, whose face cannot be seen has long black hair, a fringe in the front part and a necklace that those who share the content point out are proof that it is from Barranquilla.

Through Instagram, the woman from the coast assured that she did not want to speak out, but when she realized that her family had seen it and they believed it was her, she decided to clarify that, although the woman in the clip has similar features, she has nothing to do with this.

She said, "I don't know who did it, with what intention, but I'm going to make more money thanks to you. They want more proof, of course they do. I've been tanning for a year, where are the tan lines? Number two, I have tattoos on both backs of my arms, where are the tattoos."

"I don't like to speculate, but coincidentally with the same haircut as mine, coincidentally with my same build, coincidentally with my same chain, they put together something to try to screw me over and while that person is trying to screw me over I am putting together school kits to take them to the shelter indigenous",  he added.

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