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Rapper Afroman claims police raided his home over the weekend as he shared snaps of his door knocked to the ground and authorities allegedly searching through his clothing and bedroom. reports authorities were searching for narcotics but came up with nothing during their raid.

Afroman has been targeted in a lawsuit by Ohio police who have accused him of illegally using and profiting off of their likeness without their permission.

the Adams County Sheriff’s Office took legal action against the rapper after footage of the agency’s raid of his Ohio home in August 2022 appeared in the music video for his song “Will You Help Me Repair My Door.”

In addition to their appearance in the music video, the plaintiffs claim that their image and likeness have also been used on merchandise and has been shared on social media.

The ACSO says these actions have caused them emotional distress, public ridicule and humiliation, invaded their privacy and has damaged their reputation individually and as an agency. 

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