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Annie Donovan Vape Twitter: The shocking and disturbing incident in which Annie Donovan gave a baby a cigarette has raised concerns about vaping safety and the potential consequences.

We will give an overview of the situation, provide information on vaping and the risks involved, and answer questions frequently asked about the incident. A table will be provided that summarizes the health risks associated with vaping.

A video of Annie Donovan, a woman who gave a baby a vaporizer was recently posted online. 7 News Sydney reported on the incident.

This article will give an overview of the incident and share information about vaping and the risks involved. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions.

Annie Donovan, a woman, has been in the news recently for her video of giving a baby a vaporizer.

According to her Twitter profile she is a senior advisor at The Rise Fund, an impact investing firm. She was also the CEO of The Coop Foundation, and the director of Citi Foundation.

Annie Donovan is seen holding a baby while bringing a vape pen into her mouth. Donovan can also be heard saying, “That’s so funny!” The video caused widespread outrage and concerns about the safety of the baby.

Vaping is linked to many health problems including heart disease, lung damage, addiction, and heart problems. Vaping has been linked to numerous lung diseases and even death.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that vaping is especially dangerous for young people because their lungs are still developing.

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