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Jeff Molina leaked video: Is the UFC fighter gay?

Jeff Molina leaked video: Jeff Molina, the 25-year-old UFC fighter has recently come into the public eye with respect to the fighter’s sexuality. Recently a not-safe-for-work video of Jeff Molina was leaked.

 After the release of the video, Molina stands suspended by both Nevada State Athletic Commission as well as New York State Athletic Commission.

It is not confirmed yet whether it is Molina in the leaked video or if it is someone else. While many fans took to it to Twitter complaining about Molina and the alleged video on one hand, on the other hand, many fans are left wondering about his personal life and whether he identifies as gay or not.

 While the curiosity of Molina’s fans on the matter is understood, it is essential to remember that anyone’s sexuality is an extremely personal matter to them and it should be ultimately the person’s choice whether they want to disclose it to the world or not.

While some people may decide that they want openly accept and own their sexuality, we should remember that it is also okay if someone wants to keep their sexuality under wraps no matter the reason behind it. Their privacy should be respected.

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