Scream 6 Spoilers Reddit | Scream VI Leaks Reddit Goes Viral


Scream 6 Spoilers Reddit

Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media may have a big problem on their hands! Late last night, a supposed leaked clip from Scream VI found its way online, and it features the latest incarnation of Ghostface unmasking and revealing their identity to some of the other characters.

We won’t be revealing any spoilers here, but you should be able to find the video (if any copies are still online) or details of the scene in question on Reddit.

The leak is believed to have originated from a foreign market copy of the movie that was sent out to distributors for subtitling and dubbing purposes, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Some seem to be under the impression that the clip was deliberately “leaked” by the studio as part of the film’s promotion, but given how hard they’ve been working to remove all traces of it from the interwebs, we’d say that’s highly unlikely.

Also… well, we’ll stop there, but let’s just say we’re fairly sure the scene is legit. Tell us, did you seek out the clip? If so, please don’t post spoilers in the comments section. Scream 6 plot leak inspires Ghostface to send a spoiler warning.

The team behind the upcoming horror movie are keen for the Scream 6 plot to remain secret in order to keep the new movie villain under wraps. 

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