Vancouver Stabbing Twitter Video – Vancouver Starbucks Video reddit

Vancouver Stabbing Twitter Video

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Stabbing Vancouver Video:- On March 27, 2023, a shocking incident took place in Vancouver that left the online community horrified.

Two videos of a stabbing incident that took place in broad daylight outside a Starbucks outlet in downtown Vancouver went viral on social media.

The videos showed a man getting stabbed multiple times by an unknown assailant while his wife and toddler watched in horror Source. In this article, we will delve deeper into the incident, the videos.

The first video of the Vancouver stabbing incident was uploaded on Twitter by a user named Voice_For_India. The video showed the assailant attacking the victim with a knife, stabbing him multiple times in front of the Starbucks outlet.

The victim can be seen trying to defend himself but eventually succumbs to his injuries Source. The video has since been deleted by Twitter, but not before it went viral and triggered an outpouring of emotions from the online community.

The Twitter video of the Vancouver stabbing incident was shared widely on social media and sparked outrage and condemnation from the online community Source.

Many users expressed their shock and horror at the incident and called for the authorities to take strict action against the assailant.

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