Watch: video of Russian fighter jet forcing down reaper drone

  • US European Command releases declassified footage of a dangerous encounter between a US drone and Russian Su-27 jet.
  • Russian jet seen approaching and discharging fuel near MQ-9 drone, possibly to obscure optical equipment.
  • Video feed disruption occurs after another close Russian maneuver, allegedly caused by a collision with the drone.
  • Footage concludes with damaged drone propeller, which the Pentagon claims made the aircraft inoperable.
Watch: video of Russian fighter jet forcing down reaper drone

The European Command of the United States military has unveiled a video documenting the interaction between a US reconnaissance drone and Russian fighter aircraft over the Black Sea.

This recently declassified footage captures crucial moments during the aerial confrontation, which, according to the Pentagon, persisted for 30 to 40 minutes. Watch the video below:


According to details, the United States military has shared video evidence that they claim depicts a dangerous encounter between a US drone and a Russian jet above the Black Sea.

On Tuesday, the US accused a Russian Su-27 fighter jet of colliding with one of its Reaper drones during an intelligence-gathering operation, resulting in the US operators having to land the drone in international waters. Russia, however, refuted the claim that it intentionally caused the unmanned aerial vehicle to descend.

The US European Command has made public a 42-second declassified video that exhibits the Su-27 fighter jet nearing the rear of the MQ-9 drone and discharging fuel in close proximity, which, according to US officials, seems to be an effort to obscure its optical equipment.

The shared footage segment also captures the video feed disruption following another close maneuver by the Russian aircraft, which the Pentagon asserts was caused by the jet’s collision with the drone. The clip concludes with visuals of the drone’s impaired propeller, which, as per the Pentagon, resulted from the collision and rendered the aircraft non-functional.

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