A 9-year-old kills instructor with uzi Twitter video leaked, her shooting instructor with an Uzi


A 9-year-old kills instructor with uzi Twitter video leaked, her shooting instructor with an Uzi

A shooting coach was accidentally killed by Uzi. He filed a lawsuit and claimed that he was not sure whether to provide a gun for girls.

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“UZI is not a safe or suitable weapon. It can entrust weapons to a 9 -year -old girl like a child shooter, which causes the area to lose the area in the area when shooting weapons.

Lawyer Marc Lamber said the lawsuit was aimed at the Arizona weapon area that had gunfire and a company involved in its company. Children who pull off or family members do not call it.

Lan Bo said on Friday: “You think you and your parents … are enough scars, they must experience it enough to endure.”

Charles Vacca was killed during the gun battle, a lecturer from a gun war about an hour from Las Vegas. A report from Sheriff Mohwi County said that the 9 -year -old girl later said that the weapon was “too much for her.”

After Vacca let the girl fired Uzi alone, the incident that happened on August 25, 2014 became fatal. The recoil on the gun was sent to the air, and Vacca was hit. Before he was killed, he had “automatically” adjusted his weapon to “automatic”, and the video material of the incident was displayed.

“UZI is an inappropriate and unsafe weapon. He entrusted a 9 -year -old girl like a child’s debt, so he created an inappropriate danger and uncertain environment for individuals in the region, including Charles J. Vacca, jr. “.

No information was returned to the shooting area immediately on Friday.

“We have a complaint here, saying that Charlie Vacca’s killing operation is fundamentally uncertain. Fundamentally, this is uncertain to children,” another lawyer of the Vacca family James James James Goodnow told ABC news.

The gun war caused debates about weapon safety and children, and asked many people if they should deal with strong guns. At that time, the Washington Post and Mark Burman’s Sandia Somashhar reported:

The incident was partially recorded in the particle video published by the police immediately, which immediately put the weapon control lawyer’s ruffled edge into trouble, the latter said that he emphasized the danger of children who can use guns. At the rare moment of the agreement, some supporters of some weapon rights also regard the incident as a warning that such children may not allow such children to treat such infamous difficulties and fatal weapons.

But professional gun supporters added that if they are safe, they will also teach small children to shoot certain weapons. Young people learn hand -eye coordination. When you accidentally discover the weapons on the playground, you will learn what to do. They learn to defend themselves when they are attacked.

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