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bob lee death video, bob lee surveillance video reddit, bob lee stabbing video

The surveillance footage shows Lee staggering up to an apartment building before collapsing to the ground. He then called the police and begged for assistance, saying, “Help. Someone stabbed me.” Despite his injuries, he got to his feet and tried to wave down a passing car.

However, the driver inexplicably sped away, leaving Lee alone in the middle of the empty street. Lee then walked off, presumably to get help, clutching the stab wounds to his torso.First responders arrived on the scene and provided medical treatment to Lee.

He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The attacker fled and was still at large as of this morning. Police have reportedly recovered a 4-inch blade kitchen knife in a parking lot near the crime scene.

A man stumbles into the view of a surveillance camera aimed outward through the glass front door of a building lobby.He reaches out, placing his left hand against the doorframe before collapsing on to the sidewalk outside.

The view changes to another camera, this one outside, facing the other way. The man gets up, holding a phone in one hand with the other pressed tight against his ribs, dripping blood on the sidewalk before walking off.

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