Dalai Lama Kissing Child Video – Dalai Lama Kisses Boy Video

Dalai Lama Kisses Boy Video, Dalai Lama Kissing Child Video, Video Of Dalai Lama And Boy

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Dalai Lama Kissing Child Video

Dalai Lama kisses a young Indian boy, tells him ‘suck my tongue’ while video causes international outrage.

A video of the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has caused international outrage as he is seen kissing a young Indian boy on the lips and then asking him to ‘suck his tongue’.In the video, the Tibetan religious leader can be seen leading a ceremony, where he is surrounded by other people sitting next to him, and even interacting with the Dalai Lama on several occasions. Then, a boy dressed in a yellow sweatshirt appears waiting at the bottom of the stage, while a woman invites him to come closer.

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