Lidia Thorpe Video – Senator Lidia Thorpe was out of control

Senator Lidia Thorpe was out of control video. CCTV footage of the ugly confrontation involving Senator Lidia Thorpe has been released.

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Lidia Thorpe Video

Australian senator Lidia Thorpe is only one example of how filthy politics can sometimes be. After a video of Thorpe fighting verbally outside a Melbourne nightclub went viral, her colleagues and the general public scrutinized her closely and criticized her.

Questions regarding her behavior and the duties of politicians have been raised in light of the occurrence and her role in prior crises.

We shall examine the specifics of the Lidia Thorpe video in this article, assess its effects on Australian politics and culture, and provide perspectives on the bigger problems at stake.

Independent senator Lidia Thorpe has again been embroiled in controversy after footage emerged of her yelling and swearing at a group of men outside a strip club in Melbourne’s inner north after a night out.In the mobile phone footage aired by 7News.

Thorpe can be seen berating men assembled on the pavement outside Maxine’s Gentleman’s Club in Brunswick at 3am on Sunday.

During the fracas, the senator points to each of the men and launches into a tirade laden with profanities, with the men responding in kind.Thorpe had been inside the venue celebrating a 50th birthday before the altercation.

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