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Nate Diaz chokes man unconscious during street fight; Conor McGregor reacts.

After starting a scuffle with reality TV star Chase DeMoor by throwing a water bottle at him during the event, Diaz ended someone else’s night quickly and coldly on the street after the event in New Orleans.

Nate Diaz had himself quite a night at Misfits Boxing 6In the video below, the man walks up to Diaz who locks in a chokehold, hits him with a knee, and drops him on the ground after putting him to sleep.

Diaz was in town because his teammate Chris Avila was competing at the event. Avila easily won an unanimous decision victory over Paul Bamba.

Nate Diaz throws water bottle at Chase DeMoor sparking big scuffle at Misfits Boxing.

When Nate Diaz attends a combat sports event, security knows they have to be on their toes.The former UFC star was in attendance at MF & DAZN X Series 6, and got into a big scuffle with reality star Chase DeMoor.

It’s unclear what set Diaz off, but he stood up and threw a water bottle at DeMoor, who was placed a few rows behind him at ringside, causing a huge scuffle to break out with security and others doing their best to keep everyone separated.

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