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Married Finnish PM Sanna Marin ‘danced intimately’ with man at club: Video The firestorm over Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s wild partying intensified Friday with a new video seemingly showing the married leader dancing intimately with a mystery man.

finland sanna marin party video

The 36-year-old leader, one of the world’s youngest heads of state, has already been forced to deny being on drugs in a now-viral clip of her partying in an apartment after returning from summer vacation.

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But on Friday, Finnish tabloid Seiska posted a new video of her later that same night, showing the top politician pressed up against a man who repeatedly nuzzles her neck as they dance in a packed Helsinki club, Teatteri.

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Another video of our young prime minister partying wildly has been circulating online for the last couple of days. The Finnish media reported that the clips have been filmed on Saturday night the 6th of August in two different apartments and were posted as a story on a private Instagram account.

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believed to belong to photographer Janita Autio who was partying with the prime minister herself and shot some of the footage. The crowd in the background yell “Jauhojengi” roughly translated meaning “powder gang,” which some said could refer to cocaine or amphetamine in Helsinki street slang. 

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