skier saves snowboarder full video – skier saves snowboarder virall video

skier saves snowboarder full video viral

Tree wells can be a hidden danger at resorts after a big snow. As many snowboarders know, a tree well “is the space around a tree under its branches that does not get the same amount of snow as the surrounding open space.

This creates a void or area of loose snow below the branches and around the trunk that is dangerous to any hikers, snowshoers, skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers who fall into them.

If someone lands in such a well, often as a result of a fall, it can be too deep for them to climb up the surrounding loose snow before they are buried.

Making the situation more dangerous, they often fall into the well head-first and as the result of an accident which could leave them injured or unconscious.”

That exact scenario happened recently and was caught on film by a good samaritan skier that stopped to help a buried fellow patron at Mt. Baker. These scenarios are very dangerous and both are very lucky to walk away.

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