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Courtney Winston Video

An animated video titled ‘Courtney Winston’s car accident’ has gone viral on TikTok as users are trying to decipher whether it’s from a real-life incident.

Over the years, social media platforms have become notorious for circulating content that often comes across as genuine, while only providing fragments of information for the sake of clout.

Sometimes, like in the above case, even an unreal video can impact the audience largely as they come to believe it to be true.

However, there’s more to this than meets the eye.The clip in question was shared by a TikTok account RBX Leak a day ago and owing to its disturbing audio and graphics, the viral video has managed to clock close to half a million views.

Towards the end of the video, the woman in the car is heard screaming in horror following the supposed accident that took the life of the animated schoolchildren.

The caption reads: “On December 15, 2016, this video was taken in Florida where Courtney Winston unfortunately ran over this group of college students, unfortunately, non of them survived the impacts of the car.”

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