A Twitter user Reahub1 is currently trending online. People are curious to know more about the Twitter user. But the reason of curriousity is not just the Twitter user but the videos he claim to share on his timeline.

While digging into Twitter, we found the actual reason why this Twitter user is talk of tge town. So keep reading for the whole details. 

According to details, on April 8, 2023, a Twitter user “Reahub1” appeared on trending pages of Twitter, TikTok and Google. People began searching for Reahub1 Twitter video on different search engines and platforms. 

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Reahub1 shared a video of girl squeezing lemons in an hilarious way. A part of the video appeared on TikTok, awakening curiosity among users. The video caption reads: “watch full video on Twitter Reahub1 profile.”

People rushed to Twitter in order to watch the full video. 


If you visit Reahub1 (@reahub1) Twitter profile page, you will see that he is sharing pictures of several girls with a link and caption such as “here is the video of the girl you all were searching for.”

If you click the link given in his tweets, it will take to a webpage which asks users to register an account if they wish to watch purported video. It seems that the Twitter user is luring people into registering on his website which may not be safe. 

We will advise you to not register and put your personal informations on such kind of untrustworthy web pages as it may harm your privacy and may steal your personal informations.

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