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canada wildfires video

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is declaring a “provincewide burn ban” due to “seriousness of the current fires” in the area, prompting an evacuation of more than 16,000 people, officials said. One dashcam video shows a family evacuating.

Stunning video shows Canada wildfire nearly engulfing driver on both sides: ‘Go, go’

A dashboard video from Canada shows a car narrowly survive a drive through raging wildfires on either side of the road.

Footage shows the vehicle cautiously moving through thick smoke and ash in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. The video was captured by a dashboard camera in the car behind.

The driver of the car recording the incident can be heard speaking to a third party as the fire rages around them, saying, “I need to go. I can’t see anything.

The cars push further down the forested road as cinders and sparks float around them and burning trees litter the ground.

Dozens of wildfires have raged across Canada in the past weeks, forcing evacuations and government efforts to control the burn.

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