Gary Plauche Shooting Jeff Doucet full video live

Gary Plauche Shooting Jeff Doucet is an event that took place on Friday, March 16th, 1984, in which a man named Gary Plauche shot and killed a man named Jeff Doucet as he was walking through the Baton Rouge airport in Louisiana.

Jeff Doucet, the victim, was believed to have kidnapped and assaulted the son of Gary Plauche, Jody Plauche. The shooting, circumstances surrounding it, and aftermath have been the subject of various memes online.

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Gary Plauche Shooting Jeff Doucet video

As stated in the video, Gary Plauche did not receive jailtime, instead getting five years of probation. This means that he was a free man as long as he did not commit any other crimes, which elevated his status from a father protecting his child to a legend online in some communities.

One of the first memes about the shooting itself comes in the form of a dogelore post, in which a doge who is named as Jeff Doucet is talking about not yet being shot, while commenting that he sees Gary Plauche,

The shooting took place due to the abduction of Gary Plauche’s son, Jody Plauche, which took place prior. Jeff Doucet was Jody’s karate instructor, and he kidnapped the boy and fled to California, where he began to abuse the boy.

After being rescued, Jeff Doucet was transported into the city of Baton Rouge later as he was set to stand trial. His trial would not happen, as Gary Plauche was standing by a payphone and when Jeff Doucet walked past, Gary turned and shot him in the head, killing him.

The incident was caught on a news camera who was there to film the arrival of the kidnapper, and the incident was uploaded to YouTube on May 8th, 2012, by the channel Sleepy Shiba[1], where it attained over 8.3 million views in 10 years

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