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Cops clearly got wind of the incident, as Joseline Hernandez was arrested early Monday on at least 4 charges including trespassing and battery. She certainly doesn’t look pleased in her mug shot.

The guy who jumped in Joseline Hernandez fight with big lexx.

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The guy who jumped in Joseline Hernandez fight with big lexx

Floyd Mayweather might’ve been throwing jabs this weekend, but Joseline Hernandez was handing out haymakers backstage … landing several on Big Lex.

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star — dressed in light blue — was on hand Sunday during FM’s exhibition fight against John Gotti III in South Florida … as were a ton of other Zeus Network-connected reality stars, like Big Lex for example.

Lex — once featured on Joseline’s own reality show, “Joseline’s Cabaret” — was on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown during the boxing match.

The video of her taking a whoopin’ is going viral on social media right now … and for good reason. You see Joseline holding Lex in a headlock while she wails on her — which got so violent and tumultuous, it actually ended up leaving BL flailing and topless.

Clearly, Joseline got the better of Lex in the moment … eventually, the women were separated. However, Joseline wasn’t done using her fists — she continued to throw punches at a bunch of different people in the vicinity (even men) … and seemed to strike at random.

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