Trans Model, Singer, Activist Laith Ashley on Shaking Up Hollywood

Laith Ashley becomes the first trans member of the ‘Drag Race’ pit crew,

With Taylor Swift’s new videos for Midnights dropping soon, the name on everybody’s lips is going to be Laith Ashley. But just who is this slab of trans guy beefcake we just saw gracing T-Swift’s on-camera bed.

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Trans Model, Singer, Activist Laith Ashley on Shaking Up Hollywood

Born in 1989 to a Dominican American family in Harlem, Laith Ashley knew his body and gender identity were “misaligned” from an early age, as he later told Vogue France — but lacked the language to describe that feeling.

It would be nearly two decades before Ashley defined himself as transgender. In the meantime, Ashley’s attraction to women put him at odds with his religious upbringing:

I tried to pray the gay away,” he told British GQ in 2018. It didn’t work. When he was 17, Ashley says his aunt outed his relationship to his parents, who were initially unaccepting (but have since come around).

When Laith Ashley decided to post some sexy snaps on Instagram from a photoshoot he and a friend conducted in 2014, he had no idea it would lead him to make history on the runways of New York Fashion Week less than two years later.

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