Lars mittank video Airport security footage shows last known sighting of 'most famous missing person on YouTube'


In 2014, Lars Mittank vanished, in what became one of the most infamous missing person cases in the world.


Chilling footage, which was shared around the world at the time of his disappearance, shows the last sightings of him:

Eight years ago, Lars was on holiday with some friends in Bulgaria, where they were staying at the popular Golden Sands resort.

Their trip, however, took a dark turn when Lars, from Itzehoe, northern Germany, got involved in a fight with another group of lads.

The Werder Bremen fan became separated from his mates and things got heated with some Bayern Munich supporters.

Lars was punched in the head and suffered a perforated ear drum, which meant he was unable to travel back home, instead checking himself into a hotel by the airport.

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