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Olivia Dunne reveals police got involved with ‘concerning’ social media incident with fan.

Olivia Dunne is still wrapping her head around the attention she receives, especially after an incident involving police.

During an interview on “The Today Show” Friday, the 20-year-old LSU gymnast expressed worry about some people that reach out to her on social media, and said the school went to police over an incident that took place last year.

Dunne did not disclose further details about the matter. The social media influencer has nearly 10 million followers across Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, and earns seven figures in brand deals and NIL.

For those who may suggest that her content — which includes gymnastics photos, dance videos and bikini snaps — is to blame, Dunne said: “As a woman, you are not responsible for how a man looks at you and objectifies you. That’s not a woman’s responsibility.”

Dunne told “Today” that her massive social media following has generated threatening comments.The New Jersey native, who is a junior on a four-year athletic scholarship at LSU, made headlines earlier this month when a massive crowd of screaming male fans showed up at the Tigers’ season opener against Utah in Salt Lake City.

In the past I have had some of my supporters come out to the meets and watch and cheer for LSU, but that was insane.

It really was,” Dunne said from the Tigers’ training facility, where the gymnast was in a walking boot. She’s been sidelined with an injury to start the season.

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