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Full Version Of Manu Rios Ai Video Batendo Video On Twitter And Reddit.

Elite’ Star Manu Rios Addresses AI-Generated, Explicit Video Of Himself After It Goes Viral in Rare Tweet.

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Manu Rios is calling out an AI-generated video that appears to show him engaging in an explicit act after it went viral.

The 24-year-old actor, who you’ll likely recognize from Netflix’s Elite and the upcoming Strange Way of Life, took to social media to address a video that appeared to show him pleasuring himself.

In a rare post on Twitter, he made it very clear that the visual was not authentic. Manu also commented on the way that the internet can perpetuate falsehoods in a brief but effective statement.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday (June 11), Manu stated in no uncertain terms that he did not actually film the video.“that video is fake,” he wrote. “internet can be f-cking scary and weird sometimes.”

While the video is false, Manu did heat up the internet last month after shirtless photos from a trip to the beach with stylist Marc Forne went very viral. We’ve got the best pics here!

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