mythbusters implosion video – live video of implosion under water


TikTok users are circulating educational videos depicting a submarine implosion as the tourists who dove into the deep water of the Atlantic to explore the Titanic are yet to be found.

While the rescue mission for the five missing passengers on the OceanGate vessel continues, excerpts have expressed their concerns about the possibility of the submarine imploding 10,000 feet underwater.

implosion for the titan submersible & all i can think of is that episode of mythbusters

Titanic sub tragedy: Chilling videos claim to show how an implosion could lookExperts say a catastrophic implosion occurs within a fraction of milliseconds, suggesting the doomed submersible would have collapsed before the crew inside would even realise there was a problem.

Different videos show what happens to the vessel at different sea levels under different intensities of pressure. The impact from implosion is such that the sub will disintegrate immediately instantly “killing any life on board.”

After the news regarding the vessel carrying the Titanic tourists going missing broke, people have been sharing animated videos depicting the implosion of the submarine underwater.

The expedition was supposed to last for eight days and the tour of the wreckage was a part of it. But, contact with the vessel heading to Titanic was lost much before it reached the site.

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