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“I have nothing to apologize for”: Sienna Mae says she’s been falsely accused, claims she and Jack Wright never got physical.

Following the “sexual assault” allegations posted to Twitter on May 30th by Mason Rizzo, Sienna Mae took to YouTube to post a video on June 1st claiming that all of the allegations regarding Jack Wright were false.

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video than sienna mae’s interpretive dance

Sienna Mae had previously been accused of “sexually assaulting” Jack Wright, before telling him to “kill himself”. This was brought to light by Mason Rizzo, a friend of Jack and James Wright, via Twitter. James then confirmed the allegations, while Jack “thanked” his fans for all the support.

However, the original tweet containing all of the details was deleted by Mason, and instead replaced with a message saying, the Wright family, himself and Sienna Mae will be handling the issue “off social media”.

Sienna Mae originally uploaded a written statement to Instagram the night before. However, as it was met with an excessive amount of backlash, the 17-year-old decided to speak up through a video.

sienna mae, logan paul and laura lee celebrating being dethroned for having the worse apology videos on the internet by colleen ballinger.

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