Cardi B Throw Microphone Video – Cardi B Microphone viral video Video

American rapper Cardi B was attacked when a fan threw their drink on her face. However, the rapper got instant revenge by hurling the microphone on the fan’s face.

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Viral video: Cardi B throws microphone at fan who tossed drink on her.

Watch full video here

From ashes being thrown at P!NK to an object at Harry Styles that injured his eye, we have seen it all. Bebe Rhexa was hurt after being struck by a mobile phone during her concert. Drake even called out a fan for tossing a vape at him.

singer was seen setting the stage on fire with her performance. Moments later, the musician was shocked after a fan threw their drink at her while she was in the middle of her act. In the now-viral video, the musician was seen flinging her mic at the fan.

Cardi B Throws Microphone At Fan Who Tossed A Drink At Her OnstageRapper Cardi B was recently seen hurling a microphone at a concertgoer after getting splashed by a drink.

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