• On February 19, 1984, Jeff Doucet, a trusted karate instructor, kidnapped his student, 11-year-old Jody Plauché, and took him to a motel in California where he sexually assaulted him. Jody was able to call his parents, leading to Doucet's arrest.
  • Gary Plauché, Jody's father, was horrified by the incident and publicly vowed revenge against Doucet, promising to "kill that S.O.B.".
  • Despite his son's safe return, Plauché was consumed by anguish and began frequenting a local bar, where he learned of Doucet's scheduled return to Baton Rouge for trial.
  • Armed with this information, Plauche went to the Baton Rouge Airport where he shot Doucet in the head as the latter was being escorted by police. The incident was caught on camera by a news crew from WBRZ.

Plauche's response to being apprehended was emotionally charged, as he defended his actions saying, "If somebody did it to your kid, you'd do it, too!" The video of the incident has since been viewed over 20
million times on YouTube.

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Gary Plauche video is currently trending on social media and people want to know who is Gary Plauche, a father who took the revenge for his son.

  • In this article, we will explain who was the Gary Plauche and the whole story behind his viral video.

    In an unprecedented incident that transpired on March 16, 1984, Gary Plauché, a father stricken by distress, ended up committing an act of retaliation that was caught live on camera. He confronted and fatally shot Jeff Doucet, the man guilty of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his son, Jody. This unanticipated act catapulted

    Plauché into a nationwide sensation, causing a wave of sensation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he resided.
    For any parent, the thought of a child being abducted or sexually molested is an absolute horror. Gary Plauché, an ordinary American from Baton Rouge, was forced to confront these fears when his son was victimized. In response, he committed an act that was as shocking as it was unheard of: he hunted down his son's abductor and executed him with a single shot to the head. The murder, captured live by a cameraman, triggered intense debate and media attention.
    As Plauché faced trial, the public's gaze turned from the court proceedings to scrutinizing his moral fiber. Questions were raised, highlighting a dilemma of justice:

    Was he to be condemned as a murderer, or hailed as a hero who exterminated a vile offender?
    Born in Baton Rouge on November 10, 1945,
    Leon Gary Plauche had a short stint in the U.S. Air Force, where he ascended to the rank of Staff Sergeant. After his service, he found employment as an equipment salesman and also moonlighted as a cameraman for a local news station.

    Until that fateful day, Plauché's life was characterized by its tranquillity and ordinariness. However, the incident that followed would irrevocably change his trajectory, turning him into a figure etched in the annals of media and judicial history.

    June had no cause for suspicion regarding Doucet's intentions. After all, he was not just a respected figure in the community, but also the karate teacher of three out of her

    four children. Doucet's rapport with the boys was amiable; they enjoyed his company as much as he seemed to enjoy theirs.

    Jody, a year prior to this incident, had told his school newspaper that Doucet was a close friend to them all. His mother June recounted how Jody willingly gave up football and basketball to spend more time at Doucet's dojo.

    However, unbeknownst to them, Doucet's intentions that day were far from innocent.

    Rather than a local drive, he whisked Jody away on a bus bound for the West Coast.

    Under the veil of night, Doucet altered their appearances - he shed his recognizable beard while changing Jody's blond locks to a darker shade. His intent was to conceal Jody as his own offspring and evade the inevitable pursuit of the law enforcement

    authorities, who would soon be on their trail.

    Establishing their hideout in a low-cost motel situated near Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Doucet proceeded to inflict horrific sexual abuse on Jody, his young karate pupil. The abuse continued until Jody requested to call his parents - a request Doucet surprisingly granted. Seizing this opportunity, Jody's parents alerted the police, who successfully traced the call.

    Subsequently, they arrested Doucet, while Jody was safely returned home on a flight back to Louisiana.

    In the chapters that followed, Gary Plauché's killing of Jeff Doucet was set to become a disturbingly public event, one that would be broadcast live to a shocked nation.

    Mike Barnett, a high-ranking officer from Baton Rouge sheriff's office, was instrumental in the capture of Jeff Doucet.

    Known to Gary Plauché, he took it upon himself to convey the distressing news of what Doucet had inflicted upon his son. In response to the news, Gary reacted as any parent would upon discovering their child had been sexually violated, with absolute horror.

    In a fit of rage, Plauché told Barnett that he was determined to end Doucet's life, as reported by the Associated Press.

    Despite his son's safe return, Plauché was unable to shake off the stress and anxiety that gripped him. He was frequently spotted at a local bar, The Cotton Club, where he inquired from patrons about when they anticipated Doucet's extradition back to Baton Rouge for trial. During one of his bar visits, an old coworker from WBRZ News revealed to Plauche that the fallen karate instructor was scheduled to arrive by flight at 9:08.

    In an intent to carry out his grim resolution,

    Plauché made his way to Baton Rouge Airport. Clad in a baseball cap and sunglasses to conceal his identity, he crossed the busy arrivals hall to make a brief call from a payphone. Meanwhile, the WBRZ news crew prepped their cameras to capture the anticipated arrival of Jeff Doucet, who was to be escorted by a retinue of police officers.

    As the police procession made its way past him, Plauché drew a concealed weapon from his boot and delivered a lethal shot to Doucet's head.

    The gunshot, the bullet piercing Doucet's skull, and the ensuing chaos were all caught on tape by the WBRZ news crew. This graphic footage has since been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube, documenting the moment of Doucet's collapse and Mike Barnett's immediate reaction, as he wrestled Plauché against a wall, shouting, "Why, Gary, why'd you do it?"

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