Magaluf video girl: Sleazy party capital where girls are bullied into se-x acts with strangers

A shocking video has emerged from the popular Spanish party resort of Magaluf, showing a 21-year-old Irish girl engaging in sexual acts with 24 men on a dancefloor. Originally believed to be from the British mainland, it has now been confirmed that she hails from a town in Co Armagh, Ireland. The distressing footage captures the young woman being encouraged by a fellow partygoer to participate in the acts, with the promise of winning a holiday. However, to her dismay, she was only rewarded with a measly €5 cocktail.

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Eyewitnesses have described the incident as a game that spiraled out of control. The girl was coerced into drinking more and more, with the false hope of winning a vacation if she took part in the debauchery. Regrettably, the promised “holiday” turned out to be nothing more than the name of a cocktail, comprising gin and vodka.

The video, lasting approximately two and a half minutes, exhibits the girl moving from one man to another while music blares in the background. Amidst the cheering and jeering of the intoxicated crowd, she implores the men to expose themselves. The footage was captured during a 12-hour drinking session organized by Carnage Magaluf, a company known for arranging raucous parties.

Celebrities have also been implicated in the incident, as Geordie Shore star Jay Gardner, who attended the party, can be seen gesturing towards the mystery blonde female. In an interview with the Irish Mirror, Gardner expressed his shock upon rediscovering the incident, stating that it was the most appalling thing he had witnessed. The video quickly spread on social media platforms, drawing widespread condemnation.

This incident is purportedly an example of “mamading,” a disturbing game in which bars encourage young women to perform sexual acts in exchange for free alcohol. The term “mamada” is Spanish slang for performing oral sex. The video has sparked outrage, with many expressing disgust and condemning the lack of morals displayed.

Nathan Redmond, a professional footballer, took to Twitter to express his dismay, questioning whether such degrading acts were now necessary to obtain a free drink. Tourists and social media users alike have voiced their disapproval, emphasizing the need for values and self-respect in society.

The incident has shed light on the fierce competition among promoters in Magaluf, where sex games are often employed to attract more customers. However, the graphic nature of the video has left even the most seasoned partygoers shocked. Local authorities, including Mayor Manuel Onieva, have taken notice and launched a police investigation into the bars involved in this despicable practice. Mayor Onieva has stated his unequivocal rejection of such activities and has warned that establishments found to have violated the law will face closure.

This disturbing incident serves as a sobering reminder of the darker side of party culture and the consequences of unchecked behavior. It is crucial for both tourists and locals to promote responsible and respectful conduct, ensuring that such degrading acts are never condoned or encouraged. As Magaluf and other party destinations continue to attract a young and vibrant crowd, it is vital that efforts are made to create an environment that prioritizes safety, dignity, and a positive party experience for all.

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