morgan bauer video – Atlanta home linked to missing teen Morgan Bauer

Grisly video shows New Mexico cop’s shooting death during traffic stop. New search in disappearance of Morgan BauerLocal law enforcement and the FBI are searching for new clues in the disappearance of Morgan Bauer. She disappeared in 2016. She was just 19 years old. The search is happening at a property in Porterdale in Newton Counter video linkπŸ‘‡

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morgan bauer video

The search warrant was obtained based on credible information and evidence gathered during the course of this investigation,’ said Porterdale Police Sgt. Michael Walden in a press briefing about the development.

The raid included investigators from the Porterdale Police Department, Atlanta Police Department, Peoria, Illinois Police Department, Newton County Sheriff’s Office and Newton County District Attorney’s Office. Officials would not comment as to why members of an Illinois force were present. 

The FBI raided a home Thursday on the outskirts of Atlanta linked to missing teen Morgan Bauer, 19, who vanished in 2016 and was last seen in Instagram video posted at park just a ten minute walk away.

Bauer, a native of South Dakota, moved to Georgia two weeks before she disappeared to start a new life and had been working as a stripper at a bar named Teasers.

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