samarria white viral video – Samarria Mona White hitting her child leaked video


Georgia mother Samarria Mona White was taken into custody after a video of her abusing her child went viral.

In the concerning clip, the 27-year-old was caught dragging her child by her hair across a field and slapping the child in the face.

A video of the same was posted by concerned neighbour Gwen Harris-McKenzie. The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office quickly responded to save the child. Since then, netizens have taken to social media to express outrage over the incident.

Samariia White showed her chasing her daughter. This comes after the latter was playing along with the neighbour’s children.

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After getting enraged over the occurrence, White sent everyone home and went on to abuse her daughter in broad daylight in public.Samarria Mona White hitting her child

A Georgian mother has been taken into custody on child cruelty charges. Samarria Mona White is captured in a viral video in which she can be observed dragging her daughter by the hair across a field and striking her in the face.

After receiving information about the alleged incident, shared by a concerned neighbor named Gwen Harris-McKenzie, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office swiftly took action.

It is said that the neighbor’s children were also playing along with the child in question. White became angry and sent everyone home, she then chased her daughter.

The neighbor posted the 20-second clip on her Facebook page, “The video was actually recorded by my niece. Don’t know if any neighbors had witnessed this part but some did see her chasing her. It’s more videos.

I was at work but called along with other people on my way back to Macon. All 3 kids were taken by ambulance and she was arrested.

That just answered 80% of my inboxes.” She also mentioned that she doesn’t identify the woman in the video, “

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