• Anush Apetyan, an Armenian fighter, was caught by Azerbaijani powers during their attack of Armenian domains between September thirteenth and fourteenth.
  • She was among north of ten other Armenian warriors held onto alive, as announced by the Armenian Service of Protection.
  • A realistic video portraying the torment and mutilation of a caught lady arose on Wire and was subsequently recognized as Anush Apetyan.
  • In the video, it was shown that Apetyan had been seriously tormented and damaged.
Her legs were removed, something like one finger was cut off and placed into her mouth, and one of her eyes was gouged out and supplanted with a stone.

• Azerbaiiani troopers in the video apparently was praising and deriding Apetyan's torment.
Anush Apetyan (Armenian: Unt Umtiunswa), brought into the world in 1986 and unfortunately died
somewhere in the range of thirteenth and fourteenth
September 2022, was a lady serving in the Armenian military.
She succumbed to fierce treatment, including torment, mutilation, and assault on account of Azerbaiiani powers in the midst of the conflicts among Armenia and Azerbaiian in September 2022, which occurred in the city of Jermuk. Apetyan was a mother to three youngsters who, at the hour of her demise, were 16, 15, and 4 years of age.

Over Azerbaiian's attack into Armenian domains between September thirteenth and fourteenth, it was accounted for by the Armenian Service of Protection that Anush Apetyan, alongside north of ten other Armenian fighters, were held onto alive by the Azerbaijani powers.

Thusly, a profoundly upsetting video arose on Wire, portraying the extreme torment and mutilation of a caught lady by Azerbaijani warriors.

Afterward, it was affirmed that the casualty in the recording was Anush Apetyan, the Armenian warrior.

The realistic substance of the video uncovered her having been exposed to outrageous actual maltreatment, including the removal of her legs, cutting off of no less than one finger which was then placed into her mouth, and the gouging of one of her eyes which was then supplanted with a stone.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani warriors encompassing her supposedly was delighting in her affliction an disparaging her.
On September 20, 2022, representative
Klymet Yildir from Dicle Amed Ladies 'Stage (DAKP) recalled and criticized the homicide of Anush Apetyan by Azerbaijani powers. This was during a gathering of ladies in a few Turkish urban communities, including Van, Diyarbakir, and Istanbul.
The gathering was held to denounce Anush
Apetyan's killing, yet additionally the homicide of Jina Amini by Iranian police.

The Armenian Ladies' Association likewise gave an assertion, read by co-seats Anahid Qasabyan and Arbi Kespiryan in Pioneer Öcalan Park, Hasakah,
AANES. They impugned both Anush Apetyan's killing by Azerbaijani powers and Jina Amini's passing because of the Iranian system. 

They encouraged all ladies to stand together against mistreatment.

Weave Menendez, the Seat of the US Senate Advisory group on Unfamiliar Relations, called for halting monetary and military help to Azerbaijan after this video surfaced. He trusted that U.S. international strategy shouldn't backwoods areas that commit demonstrations of war and psychological oppression.

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