Abraham Villa Responds to His viral Video and photos

Mexican Blogger and social media personality "Abraham Villa" was trending on social media after one of his video went viral.
The video was shared on Twitter and in
WhatsApp groups and people are criticising the Mexican social media personality for his actions in the purported video.

After facing the backlash and criticism,
Abraham Villa issued an apology in a video on his Facebook page.

"Forgive me because I am the one in those videos," Abraham Villa said in his video.

Abraham Villa Viral Video and
Pictures explained

Earlier this week, a video of Abraham Villa appeared on Twitter and went viral with million of views so far.
The purported video shows Abraham Villa engaging in some unnatural and inappropriate act while holding a veritable.
He was holding the phone in one of his hand and filming his game.

It is not clear who posted the video on social media but somehow, it made its way from Abraham's phone to the social media.

Abraham Villa Biography

Abraham Villa is a Mexican social media personality who is known for his TikTok account @abrahamvilla], where he posts comedy videos, challenges, pranks, and duets. He has over 2.5 million followers and 70 million likes on the platform. He is also active on Instagram, where he has over 206,000 followers and posts more photos and videos of himself and his friends. His Instagram account ID is abraham.villal.

He has 2.1 million followers on Facebook as well.
Abraham Villa was born on July 14, 2000 in
Mexico City, Mexico. He grew up in a large
family with six siblings. He attended a private school and graduated in 2018. He is currently studying business administration at the

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Abraham Villa started his TikTok account in
2019 and quickly gained popularity for his humorous and creative content. 
He often
collaborates with other Mexican TikTokers, such as [Luis Angel], [Fernanda Moreno], and [Sofia Castro]. He also participates in various

trends and challenges, such as the
#DanceWithMe challenge, the
#FlipTheSwitch challenge, and the
#WipeltDown challenge.

Abraham Villa is a talented and entertaining social media personality who has made millions of people laugh and smile with his videos. He is also a loving and caring boyfriend who supports his girlfriend in her endeavors. He is one of the most popular and influential TikTokers in Mexico.

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