fight in alabama video – riverfront brawl video

montgomery brawl riverfront videoSuspects detained after Saturday night brawl on Riverfront Park dockFight began between several white people and one Black man, apparently over dock space reserved for riverboat click blue Words.

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Watch full video here

fight in alabama video – riverfront brawl video

Several people were taken into custody Saturday night after a fight on the dock at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park.A video of the incident, which appeared to be racially divided, was shared Sunday on social media.

One short video, posted on social media by Josh Moon of the Alabama Political Reporter, shows several white people fighting a single Black man, who according to Jasmine Williams of WSFA is a dock worker.

The only audio heard is from witnesses yelling, but it appears to begin with an argument between the Black man and one of the white men.

Another white man rushes and hits the Black man, who backs up and tosses his hat into the air.

Then the fight begins in earnest, and several white people begin hitting the Black man.

fight in alabama video – riverfront brawl video

By the time the swimmer climbed up onto the dock, about a minute into the video, most of the altercation appeared to be over in Moon’s video.

A separate video posted by Lauryn Lauren shows scenes after that, as the Harriott II was preparing to dock. A group of people approached the pontoon boat, and more fighting broke out.

At least one person fell into the water from the dock. Authorities were soon on the scene and police began taking people into custody.

fight in alabama video – riverfront brawl video

During the video, one witness, apparently watching from the riverboat, screamed repeatedly, “Y’all help that brother!” to onlookers who were on shore. It appears some people from the shore did join in to defend him, and the video shows at least one Black man dive into the water from the riverboat.

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