La Oruga viral video Twitter, Honduran tiktoker denies rumors of images spread on social networks

Find out why a video of La Oruga is viral on Twitter, since the Honduran tiktoker denied rumors of the images spread on social networks.

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Katherine Barrera , better known as ” Soyloruga ” or “La Oruga”, is a 16-year-old Honduran influencer and tiktoker , who has gone viral for an alleged video that haunts social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

The alleged video shows a young woman , between 15 and 20 years of age, with blonde hair, having relationships, however, Soyloruga denied the video disseminated on digital platforms.

The Honduran tiktoker mentioned that she felt very bad, since people on social networks offended her and assured that she was the woman in the video, however, she clarified that she is not the girl in the video.

Similarly, Soyloruga ‘s foster mother, named Terla, expressed through a Facebook podcast that her daughter is not the one in the video, since, through moles and physical aspects, she demonstrated the innocence of the influencer.

In the same way, the adoptive mother affirmed that Soyloruga is a minor and will take legal action with all the people or pages that disseminate the material , since it is a crime, which is punishable by jail.


This law is not in force in Honduras, since Mexico is the only country that has this judicial structure, ” Olympia Law ” is the colloquial name of a legislation that aims to combat the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

Its name comes from a social media campaign started by activist Olimpia Coral Melo, who was the victim of the unauthorized dissemination of an intimate video online.

The Olimpia Law seeks to establish criminal and administrative sanctions for those who disseminate images or videos of sexual content without the consent of the people involved.

As well as for those actions that generate digital violence, such as online harassment and harassment through digital media .

The approval of this law in different states of Mexico represents an important step in the fight against cyberbullying and online gender violence , and its purpose is to provide legal protection to victims and discourage those who engage in this type of conduct.

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