Sharkeisha Fight Video - Sharkeisha video from 2013 re-emerged on social media

  • Shamichael Manuel, 17, was beaten up by her friend named Sharkeisha in a video posted to Instagram
  • Tuesday
  • The video was later removed by the site - but not before it went viral
  • Manuel said she had no idea
  • Sharkeisha was mad at her
  • Sharkeisha was originally identified as a 22-year-old from North Carolina, but it seems that the real Sharkeisha is a 16-year-old Texas student

Sharkeisha fight video is trending on social media with hundreds of new memes and people want to know about the origin of sharkeisha memes and the actual fight video.

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A fight video of a girl "Sharkeisha" went viral in 2013 and it became the most viral meme of that time.

Sharkeisha Fight Video - Sharkeisha video from 2013 re-emerged on social media

The world of internet is a bewildering place, packed with a diverse mix of content. Among the most unforgettable and shocking is the "Sharkeisha Fight Video". This incident, recorded on camera, has sparked an incredible degree of online buzz, making Sharkeisha a household name on social media platforms across the globe.

The video was first introduced on
Instagram on November 26th, 2013 by the user "im stupid
". The shocking

footage captures a young woman, named Sharkeisha, landing an unanticipated punch on the face of another woman, known as Shay, in the midst of a contentious disagreement. The video, with its brutal content, skyrocketed in popularity and was shared prolifically on Twitter and Facebook, attracting more than 20,000 likes and 30,000 comments in under a day.
Following its removal from Instagram due to a violation of the platform's terms of service, the video resurfaced on World Star Hip Hop. The site, notorious for showcasing such content, attracted a staggering 3.8 million views for the Sharkeisha fight video within just a few hours of its upload.

The video was met with an avalanche of diverse reactions, underscoring the internet's complex sentiments towards such incidents. While some users expressed outright shock and
condemnation of the violence, others were oddly fascinated by Sharkeisha's physical prowess. Yet, a third category emerged - those who found humor in the situation.
This group launched a series of photoshopped parodies tying Sharkeisha's name to sharks, alongside various references to pop culture phenomena like Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards and the 2013 SyFy disaster film, Sharknado.

Sharkeisha Fight Video - Sharkeisha video from 2013 re-emerged on social media

In a testament to the video's viral impact,
"Sharkeisha" became the top trending topic on Twitter by the morning of November 27th, and climbed to the third most searched keyword on Google Trends.

The term "Sharkeisha" was cited on
Twitter over 800,000 times in just two days.
The incident was not limited to social media platforms. As the video's virality grew, it caught the attention of news outlets, internet culture blogs, and hip hop news sites. It provoked conversations on the internet's fascination with violence, particularly in the context of the Knockout Game controversy in the United States.

The Sharkeisha phenomenon sparked another controversy with the circulation of a mugshot of a woman identified as
"Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson" from
Charlotte, North Carolina. While it's unclear if the woman in the mugshot is the same Sharkeisha from the video, public arrest records suggest that a Sharkeisha Tyesha Thompson had been previously arrested on a charge related to identity theft.
In conclusion, the Sharkeisha Fight Video remains a stark reminder of the internet's power to amplify and shape narratives. It reflects the complexities of online culture, blurring the lines between shock, entertainment, and social commentary.


As the internet grapples with the viral sensation of the "Sharkeisha Fight Video," the victim of the assault, 17-year-old Shamichael Manuel, has come forward to share her side of the story. She says she never anticipated the onslaught, especially from someone she believed was a friend.

Shamichael recalls a chilling lack of premonition. Despite interacting with Sharkeisha, a 16-year-old girl, at school earlier, Shamichael noticed no indication of the turmoil brewing. Sharkeisha's demeanor was seemingly normal, leading Shamichael to believe all was well.

This perceived normalcy was further solidified when Sharkeisha and her group of friends invited Shamichael to an apartment after school. The video, which soon flooded the internet, captures the unsettling sequence of events that unfolded. Shamichael, unsuspecting and holding her backpack, was suddenly assaulted by Sharkeisha, who continued the violent attack before being restrained by onlookers.
Reflecting on the incident, Shamichael recounts her disbelief and shock. She was blindsided by the assault, especially given her belief that Sharkeisha was her close friend. Shamichael now suspects she was deliberately set up by Sharkeisha and her group, possibly over a conflict related to a boyfriend.
Shamichael's physical injuries from the attack-a black eye and a busted lip-have since healed, but the emotional scars remain. The trauma of the unexpected public assault is a painful memory that she'll carry for life.

Shamichael's mother, Olivia Henderson, has expressed her dismay at the way the video has glorified Sharkeisha and continually taunts her daughter.

Recounting an incident at a grocery store where baggers were laughing about the video, Ms. Henderson said their amusement quickly faded when she revealed her connection to the video.
The aftermath of the incident leaves unanswered questions about whether charges have been pressed against
Sharkeisha. While social media initially identified Sharkeisha as 22-year-old

Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson from North Carolina, Shamichael claims that the girl who attacked her is 16 and was a fellow student in her Harris County, Texas school.
This story underlines the brutal reality behind the Sharkeisha Fight Video, and is a poignant reminder of the human suffering often ignored in viral internet sensations.

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